There are a bunch of reasons why it seems difficult to get out of the house very often for a date night these days. We do dinners out and other activities often, but it’s usually all together as a family. Those are fun outings (usually – ha!), but they are pretty different from going out just the two of us, so I wanted to share what we’ve come up with to get our good quality time together. I fully acknowledge that plenty of people are finding ways to get out in the evenings with their partners and could probably offer their solutions for our reasons, but this is what’s working for us.

We’ve moved most of our date nights to date lunches and date afternoons. We have a standing weekly lunch date and we aim for a monthly full afternoon date.

For the lunch date, we just meet on our lunch break and have an uninterrupted meal together. So nice!

For our monthly dates, we each use a half day of vacation to take off from work and spend the afternoon together. The girls are already at daycare or school, so we don’t need to worry about finding additional child care. We usually go out for lunch and then stop at a couple of different breweries to share a flight of beer. We don’t always have enough vacation days to get this on the calendar every month, but we usually end up with 8-10 each year. As our kids get older, we may shift this routine and actually have date nights at night. For now, though, these are some of my favorite days.

Anybody else do this or something similar? What other creative ways are you finding to spend time with your partner?