I remember my mom putting little notes in my lunch box when I was a kid. Sometimes she would wish me luck on an exam or sports event that I had that day. She’d remind me that I had been practicing and I was ready to do my best. Sometimes she’d draw a little picture or a smiley face. She’d tell me that she loved me. I am not sure if I ever told her, but I really appreciated these little notes. They definitely made me feel loved.

When my oldest started Kindergarten this fall, I decided to take a page out of my mom’s book and put a little note in my daughter’s lunchbox. (Our daycare provided meals once kids started solids, so this is the first time that I’ve had to pack a lunch.) My daughter didn’t say anything about the note and it was gone from her lunchbox when she was brought it home that night. I figured I would do the notes for a week or so as she was adjusting to the start of the school year. A few days later, though, I found that she was stashing them in a little pocket in her bag that I hadn’t noticed. (I had expected that they were getting thrown out with her lunch trash.) I asked her if we could recycle them and she said, “No, I am keeping them.” The little pile keeps getting bigger and bigger and it looks like I’m doing this note thing indefinitely.

I am having fun working on my sketching skills and it’s a really easy way to give her a little boost of love. Positives all around. Also, belated thanks to my mom for all the lunch box notes over the years! ❤