My daughter requested a robot party for her 5th birthday and I loved working with this theme. We did a lot of cardboard box crafting and made some big robots that were both decorations and activities. Here is a quick picture tour of our party.

We’ll start with our robot cake. The head was baked in a 9 inch round cake pan and then I baked cakes in loaf pans to make the body. The decorations are m&ms, oreos, donuts, and cupcakes.

robot cake

The first activity was decorating Robot Helmets. This craft seemed to be a lot of fun for the kids and I loved seeing their creativity. We started saving boxes – anything that could fit a head – leading up to the party. We spray painted the boxes silver and gray and cut out holes for their faces and ahead of time. For the party, we set out a bunch of decorating supplies for the kids to use. We had collected and painted a variety of caps (from pouches, beer, juice, milk, etc.). We also went through our craft closet and got out things like pipe cleaners, markers, and stickers (gems, googly eyes, gears, glittery foam shapes, etc.). I also rounded up things like CDs and spiral coils from old notebooks that were headed to recycling. We had a grown up operate the glue gun and let the kids loose to create their robot helmets. They made some really cute ones. 

robot helmets

After robot helmets, the kids moved to our other activities. My daughter and I made robots ahead of time out of cardboard boxes and the same decorating supplies that we used for the helmets. This was a fun project to work on together and she enjoyed getting to decorate these herself. We made one that was a robot basketball game (it had holes in the head and sides to throw balls through) and two others that could sit on some of our riding toys (temporarily) to be mobile robots.  


Each of the kids got a robot hand to play with at the party and to take home as a party favor. We set out ball pit balls in various boxes and bins for them to try to pick up or throw with their robot hands. We brought our outside digging toy in to use to pick up and move the balls. And, we had a robot coloring station with crayons and printed robot coloring sheets. This part of the party was really just free play time with all of these props and, you can see, all of this robot play led to boxes and balls scattered everywhere. 🙂

robot party

At the end, we did our robot punch box which had candy and little party favors for everyone to take home, which was a hit.

robot punchbox

The whole thing was a lot of fun!