You might remember from some of my previous posts that I like to try to come up with pinata alternatives for our birthday parties. My girls were both born in the winter and we have inside parties, which make pinatas a little tricky. I also like to try to do something to keep the treats equally portioned to prevent the frantic dash, which can be tricky inside the house too. My oldest daughter had a unicorn birthday party this year and we used both unicorns and rainbows in our decorations and party activities. What we came up with for our pinata alternative was this pull-apart cloud/rainbow.


We put the goodies in the center of a piece of tissue paper and then scrunched the paper up around the treats to form a little pouch. (This was a great job for my 6-year old helper!) We then tied the bag closed with an extra long piece of yarn and then started taping them up to the wall. We were aiming for a cloud look here.  (If I had to do it again, I would pick a spot on the wall away from the light switch – oops!) When it was time, each kid grabbed a piece of yarn and pulled their treats down. The bags didn’t rip (I didn’t really want them too), so they all ripped open their pouch and enjoyed their treats.

This one was super easy and quick to put together, so I imagine we’ll adapt it for other themes in the future.

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