My little one requested a pink bunny theme for her 3rd birthday party and we had fun putting games and crafts together for the celebrations. One of the games that we made was a Bunny Tail toss.

We made our bunny from a cardboard box and some scraps of cardboard. The ears were cut out from a second cardboard box and glued into place with a hot glue gun. We traced plates to get the circle shapes and then painted the whole thing. After it was painted, we cut out the smaller hole for the tail and set out a basket of yarn pom-poms to make a game of it.

bunny toss game

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make the yarn pom-poms. There are special tools that you can buy to wrap yarn around to make these (in the knitting supply section of craft stores), but I’ve always found it just as easy to wrap the yarn around my hand.


Hold the end of the yarn and wrap multiple times around your hand. Slide a piece of yarn through the center of the loops (next to your hand) and tie tightly around the center. Wrap the ends of the yarn that you just tied all the way around and tie tightly on the other side of all the loops. I usually wrap the yarn around and tie a couple more times. Use scissors to cut all of the loops. Trim the ends of the yarn until it is the size and shape that you want. The more loops you wrap around your hand the fuller the pom-pom will look.

Enjoy! 🙂