My little one requested a pink party for her 3rd birthday this year. She didn’t seem to care very much what kind of pink party it was, but I felt like we needed a little bit more for our theme. We threw out a handful of ideas and she picked bunny. Pink bunny party it was!

Our first activity was to make bunny houses. We bought stuffed bunnies for each child and then we used favor boxes for the houses. There wasn’t a lot of prep work for these, which was nice! All we did was cut a little “door” on the side of the boxes. At the party, we set out our craft supplies (markers, foam glitter shape stickers, stickers, pipe cleaners, etc.) and let the kids have fun decorating! I like to have some sort of crafting activity at our parties and I am always so impressed by the kids’ creativity. There were a lot of really cute bunny houses!

bunny houses.png

After making bunny houses, the kids moved to the “run around and play” stage of the party. We had a bunny tail toss and carrot ring toss that fit the theme. We also had all of our regular toys out to play with too.

bunny games

Our final activity that fit the theme was digging in the garden. This was our pinata alternative and attempt to turn handing out party favors into a game.


Hope you have a hoppy birthday! 🙂