I like to come up with a fun way (other than a pinata) for the kids to get treats for their goody bags at our birthday parties. Pinatas are fun, but we have winter birthdays/indoor parties and there isn’t a great place in our house to do them. I also like doing something that has the treats portioned, so everyone gets an equal haul. It’s fun to turn passing out the goody bags into a game, though, so we try to find something that fits our theme. My little one had a bunny party for her 3rd birthday and we came up with this garden and had the kids “pick their vegetables.”

garden 2

We started by getting treat containers that could pass for vegetables. We used bags that looked like carrots, and little boxes that we called cabbage  and greens. We filled each of these with treats (you might recognize our bunny bath bombs in the “cabbage”) and placed them in the bottom of a cardboard box. I had cut the sides down so that it was shallow and painted it brown ahead of time. Next, we used some perforated brown paper packaging material to cover the tops of the vegetables. I taped the paper to the sides of the box and pulled the ribbons through the little slits in the paper so it would look like little leaves sticking up. (Note – I know that cabbage and lettuce don’t grow under the dirt like this. We were being a little flexible here! ha!)  I had this paper from something I recently ordered online, so I just recycled it from that. I think brown tissue paper would work just as well, though. You would just have to cut the little slits in the paper yourself.  Next, we painted some little signs for each vegetable and our garden was ready for harvest! 🙂